About Savvy Collectives

Hi friend! Savvy here..

I thought about using a quick bio on this page, sharing some facts in a professional manner to let you all know a little more about the artist whose work you’re looking at. But a fact listing biography just does not feel as emotionally engaging as I want it to be. So, put on the song “Mr. Bluesky” and lets continue in a much more sunshiney manner.

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop drinking an oat milk latte (oh my heavens are they as good as they sound) as I work on this website to start selling my art, and it equally so exciting as it is quite terrifying. But if our dreams don’t scare us, they’re not big enough, right?

The past few years have been nothing short of an amazing roller coaster of a blessing. After becoming Miss America 2017, getting married to the love of my life, dancing and trying to calm down the whole time, I’ve “settled” (I say that in quotes because I’ve realized and loved that life changes all the time, and it’s silly for us to think we have it planned out) into the role of Artist, Public Speaker, Content Creator, Blogger, Emcee, Wife, and lover of flowers, art, dancing, and people.

I wanted to start Savvy Collectives as a space to create original works that I was in love with. Keeping in mind the whole time why I feel in art in the first place, it gave tangible expressions of intangible emotions. My love for color, flowers, dancers, movement, life can hopefully be seen in each and every one of these works. Been so excited for you all to see these paintings, and I can not wait for them to find new homes.

As always…

So much love,

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